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I just found the LG Xenon trick and copied it to my blog!!  This thread is originally posted by bhiga which I found on LG Xenon forum. Thanks for bhiga!  LG-Xenon info

Credit: bhiga

Source: http://www.youmobile.org/load-java-apps-from-memory-card/

It’s working on AT&T. Rogers may or may not allow you to load applications this way.

Note: "Context menu button" = the rectangle with horizontal lines through it, that appears on the upper-right hand corner of some screens.

Note2: .jad files with a MIDlet-Install-Notify line may use Internet. If you have pay-per-use data, you may want to try removing the MIDlet-Install-Notify line to avoid data usage – or just install the .jar and not the .jad LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to load applications via memory card on LG Xenon

1. Obtain the .jar file (and .jad file, if possible) for the application you want to load.
2. Open the .jad file (if you have one) and check the MIDlet-Jar-URL line.  It should NOT have a http://web.site.address/folder/folder2/etc at the beginning.  If it does, remove everything except the .jar file name.
For example (this is for Google Maps), change
MIDlet-Jar-URL: http://m.google.com/maps/download/binaries/L1/2.3.2/maps_m2.jar
MIDlet-Jar-URL: maps_m2.jar
2. Copy the .jar (and .jad if you have it) file to the memory card via your PC (use a MicroSD card reader, or if you have a USB cable, connect the phone to the PC in Mass Storage mode).
3.  From the Home screen, tap the Application button (box with 4 dots).
4. Tap the Folder tab.
5. Tap More.
6. Tap Other Files.
A list of files will appear here.  This seems to be a list of all the files the phone doesn’t "know" about.
NOTE: You will likely see .jad and .jar files here with numbered names, like 020.jad and 020.jar, etc.  DO NOT DELETE these!  These are the applications that you have copied to your memory card.  If you delete these, the associated application won’t work anymore and you will need to reload it.
7. Tap the .jad or .jar file you want to install.  Once you go through the confirmation screens, it will be installed TO YOUR PHONE.  NOTE: You may need to copy/move the .jad and .jar files to phone memory first.
8. If you want, go to Games or Applications and tap the Context menu button and tap Copy to or Move to if you want to move or copy the application to the memory card.  Yes, I KNOW it is ALREADY on the memory card, but if you don’t do it this way, it’s not somewhere the phone knows how to access it.
9. To clean up the files you used to install the app, go back to Other Files, then tap the Context menu button, tap Delete, then choose the file(s) to delete.

Hope that helps folks!

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my phone didn:t see my memorycard and i want to download free game on my phone.and i can use my music as a ringing tone.

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