How to install .swf (Flash) Themes on LG Cookie

Hello everyone! Most of people don’t know how to install .swf (Flash) themes onto their LG Cookie and asking people to make tutorial, there is already one tutorial in iPhone theme topic, and in one topic called "How to change theme without flashing CUST" but i will explain little more. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Ok so let’s get started. LG-Cookie info

Before doing this make sure you have puted on mobile in Connectivity > USB Connectivity chosse Always ask or Mass storage

First read how to put normal themes (.dmf) on LG Cookie tutorial here —>

Sorry but i can’t explain all that so you will have to read that first

How to install .swf (Flash) themes on LG Cookie Setps

1 – First you will need to download loaders (By Henka) from (Just go to folder "Loaders for easy theme changing" and download all loaders") – If link doesn’t work try this

2 – Rename loaders that have name like "Idle_Widget fixed" to "Idle_Widget" (If you can see Idle_Widget.DMF make sure you don’t delete .DMF word!)

3 – Put Idle_Widget and Idle_Keylock files in CUST (LGAPP>DMF) and replace with old files.
Now in LGAPP>DMF open folder called TopMenu and put TopMenu file in there and replace with old one.

4 – Now save the CUST and send on mobile with LGUI or LG-Utils

5 – Once you sent CUST on mobile turn mobile on and you should get black screen, if you got black screen you did it good, if not try again…

6 – Now you are ready to install .swf (Flash) themes  … Plug USB in your mobile and chosse "Mass storage", now on your PC in My Computer you should get Removable Disk (If you are using Memory Card you will get two Removable Disks)

7 – Open Removable Disk and go to folder called FlashContents (Make sure to open Removable Disk from Mobile memory, not Memory card!) and put your theme in there

8 – Remove USB and look if it’s working, if not then you got something wrong (Maybe you moved theme in FlashContents on Memory card)

9 – If you got theme, enjoy…also make sure to download one Keylock (Idle_Keylock) and Menu (TopMenu) because they are replaced with loader also (I mean you will get black screen if you lock LG Cookie phone or go to menu if you don’t get them and put in FlashContents)

10 – If you did something wrong or didn’t get some things or maybe some error, feel free to ask

But please don’t ask me stupid questions like "I got blackscreen on menu and keylock " because i wrote up there that you will need to download Topmenu and Idle_Keylock to not get the blackscreen on Menu and Keylock

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7 thoughts on “How to install .swf (Flash) Themes on LG Cookie”

  1. Hey i have a problem..
    I mace all whith the cust right but when i copie the theme files in the flashcontent order (mobile) than i have also my old theme:?
    Please help me ;S

  2. hi, i did everything as you said, and it all works fine except: my app’s icons dont show up..and i can see the words for the apps,and i can click them all and scroll between home pages, but the pics for my apps arent loading

    i just get words

    with no icon image
    please help (:

  3. The icons doesn’t work on lg GS290 so who can fix them and also the Idle_widget.swf doesn’t load corectly on lg cookie fresh(GS290) anyone know why???

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