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Here is a good tutorial on how to install games and applications on LG Pop GD510. we use LG PC Suite 3 for this. if LG PC Suite 3 has already been installed on your PC, then go to step 2: LG Phone Problem and Solution

Credit: skullgoof

  1. So we don’t have LG PC Suite 3 installed yet. first we plug in our LG Pop GD510 with the usb cable and also to the pc then if you got autorun on it will start the program if not you always can load it by yourself by going to my computer in the start menu there you will see a new cd drive (your pop) and in there is a program. called USBautorun.exe
    now just go on and on it will lead the way (very easy my lil sis could do that)
  2. Now we are at step 2. connect your pop to to your pc and start LG PC Suite 3 it will show the menu with all apps of the suite
  3. Go to the app jave applications it will load a new screen
  4. Now we there we can search for our game with the explorder on the left side when you click on a map it will automaticky search for jar games
  5. Found it !! when you found your game check the box in front of the name and press on install ( cant miss that button )
  6. It will send the game to your LG Pop GD510 and now your LG Pop GD510 will ask to install it you probably want to click on accept xD
  7. Now its installed and ask you what to do you can chose between cancel and start. its what you want

You done it you installed a game or app.

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How to delete games and applications on LG Pop GD510 as following steps:

  1. games and apps
  2. map where app or game in is witch you want to remove
  3. then click on the option square in the top left
  4. 1 option is remove
  5. then check on the app or game you want to remove
  6. and click on remove

BTW, Rogers never allows you to install free apps or games on the LG Pop GD510, they only allow the apps you can download from their mall. Is there anyway to bypass this block Rogers put? Unlock it!

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Youtube video is not playing,… Check APN settings is coming. Plz help

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Youtube is not playing in my lg x330t,please help me,am using opera

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my mob ell a rest my mob ell

Nevanscorroll on 6 March, 2013 at 8:25 am #

I cannot install applications on my lg gd510 why? it keeps on giving me the same site and still does not install. please I need help for Christ seek.

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