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Hi,guys. I guess some people are looking for an easy way to install custom themes onto their LG Cookie KP500 or KP501. So I decided to create this topic which will explain everything, so all you noobs can install your themes onto your LG Cookie KP500 or KP501. LG Phone Problem and Solution

But before I begin, I’d just like to say that I followed art903’s tutorial and got my theme installed and working on my LG Cookie KP501 (yes that’s right – KP501 !!) but I saw that he hasn’t provided downloads, and when I first saw his tutorial I thought to myself, "wtf is KP500.flb?" but now that I do know what it is, I decided to make an easier tutorial.

What you need before installing new theme onto your LG Cookie LG-Cookie info

You must use the USB connection wire to install your theme, you cannot do this via Bluetooth!!! If you don’t have the USB, buy one!
You will need to download my little pack I made… click this link: —> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XD6V9KXZ
Now you need to choose a theme. Find one from the Themes section —> http://www.mylgcookie.com/index.php/board,22.0.html
Note: In this tutorial I will be using imarink’s blue theme —> http://www.mylgcookie.com/index.php/topic,5576.0.html

Installing new theme (*.DMF only) onto your LG Cookie Steps:

Okay, once you’ve downloaded my pack and your favorite theme, extract every file from my pack. Don’t extract the theme files, we will do this later.



Now you should see these two files: (see image below) …YOU MUST INSTALL BOTH PROGRAMS! If you don’t, you can’t carry on installing your theme.









Once you’ve done that, you should move the file "KP500.flb" into your C:\ directory, not in "Program Files" or any other folders but just the "C:\" directory. This step is optional but if you do it then it will be easier for later on.

Now, go to the folder "LG-Utils-EN" (the folder you extracted from my pack) then open up "KP500-Utils-EN" application.



This is the important part: turn off your phone, take out the memory card (if you have one), the sim card and the battery. I suggest you do this so your LG Cookie does not break!
In the "KP500-Utils-EN" application, type in D press enter, then write \\.\USB1 press enter, then C:\KP500.flb (type that if you placed KP500.flb in your C:\ directory, otherwise type in the address of where your KP500.flb file is located), and finally, write CUST_THEME and press enter. Now quickly connect your LG Cookie to your computer _via USB only_ and make sure the phone is switched off, WITHOUT the memory card, sim card and battery inside.
Leave the application to work, for atleast 5-10 minutes. After it has finished, in the "LG-Utils-EN" folder, you should see two files. One file with the extension ".BIG" (the file size is around 1 GB) and one without an extension (the file named "CUST_THEME"). Delete the ".BIG" file as it is not needed. You can unplug your phone from thecomputer.



Open up WinImage, in the first screen just click "OK" to continue, now you should see this window: (see image) just click "File" and then "Open".



Open up "CUST_THEME" (not your backup one!!). A window might come up saying "Select the partition to connect to" …if it does come up just click "OK", if it doesn’t that doesn’t matter, now you should see this:

imageIf you click the folder "lgapp" you will get a list of more folders. The one we are using in this tutorial is the folder "dmf", so go ahead and click on the folder. Now you will see alot of folders and a few DMF files (if you scroll down). Delete ALL these files and folders. Make sure the "dmf" folder is completely empty.

Now minimize WinImage, open up your compressed theme files (usually in "RAR" or "ZIP" format) and extract it somewhere, for example, your desktop.



Your downloaded theme will usually contain a folder called "dmf", or sometimes just a bunch of files (just like in the picture above). If the theme contains a bunch of files, extract ALL of them into one folder, for example "dmf". When the extraction is done, open up the folder where you extracted all the files. Select all the files and drag it into the "dmf" folder in WinImage. When it’s done, save CUST_THEME by pressing CTRL + S. Now close WinImage.

Now, open up the "KP500-Utils-EN" application. Before you do anything, make sure your phone is still switched off, without the memory card, sim card and battery inside the phone.

In "KP500-Utils-EN", type in C press enter, then \\.\USB1 press enter, then C:\KP500.flb (or the address where your KP500.flb file is located) press enter, then CUST_THEME (type this if your CUST_THEME is in the same folder as the "KP500-Utils-EN" app, otherwise type the address where your CUST_THEME file is located) and press enter.

Now quickly plug in your phone to the computer and wait about 5-7 minutes. After this, on the "KP500-Utils-EN" app, it will take you back to the menu and your phone will turn on. You can close the "KP500-Utils-EN" app now, and look at your phone to check that the theme is okay.

If your happy with the theme, turn off your phone, disconnect it from the computer, put in your memory card, sim card and battery back in the phone and turn it on.
You’re finished!

P.S: if you want to change the theme, just follow the steps from where I said "Open up WinImage" and carry on from there.

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