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This is a  tutorial on how to install DMF and SWF themes on LG Pop GD510.


DON’T plug your LG Pop GD510 into your computer until told so.

For .swf This is a .swf to .dmf converter. Just download this, use WinRAR to extract everthing (WinRAR download below) and you can convert .swf to .dmf, and .swf to .dmf!
Open the converter, which is called LGUI (Download link below), and select the option ".swf to .dmf". Choose the file you wish to convert, and click "OK". Then choose where you would like to save it, and what you would like to call it. Click "OK", and click "Convert". THE NEXT STEP YOU MUST DO!!! Go to where you saved it, right click it, and select "Rename". Add ".dmf" to the end of the name. Click anywhere to save. – LGUI Download

1. Some kind of .rar extracting software. This is for downloading themes, as they sometimes compressed to .rar format. I would choose WinRAR, which you can download for free. – English 32 bit – English 64 bit – All languages and Versions

2. You need to have installed LG PC Suite. This can be found on , by clicking on your country, then after the new page has loaded, scroll down and click Manuals and Software which is on the left and is green.

3. Install the USB Drivers. These can be found here:
Use WinRAR you installed earlier to extract the files. To do this, open WinRAR, and click on "File", "Open archive", and select USB.rar you just downloaded. Then hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard, and click on each individual item. let go of "Ctrl", right click somewhere on the blue hilighted objects, and click "Extract to the specified folder". Now choose somewhere to extract them to.

4. Install LGUI 0.4.2. This will rip our CUST, and install our modified CUST. This can be downloaded at the bottom of this tutorial, and it is called FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!! Open with WinRAR like you did before. Now extract either KP500-Utils-EN.exe, or KP500-Utils-FR.exe (depending on your language). Just right click on the best version for you, and click "Extract to the specified folder". YOU MUST EXTRACT TO "LOCAL C" OR "C DRIVE". DO NOT PUT ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

5. Now we need three files. These files can be found at the bottom of this tutorial, and are compressed into GD510.rar. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!! Like last time, these files must be extracted to "Local C" or "C Drive". So highlight all of them, and use the same method to extract them directly to "Local C". Don’t touch these files from now on.

6. Once all of the above have been completed, open KP500-Utils-EN(or FR) directly form the "C Drive" where yousaved it. If it hasn’t been saved into the "C Drive", this may not work well. A first, this looks scary, but don’t worry. I have used this several times before, and it is really easy once you know what to do.
However, to be extra carefull, use LG PC Suite to backup your LG Pop GD510, incase you should do something wrong (If you follow my steps exactly, this won’t happen)
Next, ensure your LG Pop GD510 is switched ON, then remove your battery and SIM card (and memory card if you have one), and insert only your battery. This will turn off your LG Pop GD510, but don’t turn it back on.
Now you must type exactly this into LG-Utils-0.4.2. It IS CasE sEnsETivE. "\" or "Backslash" can be found in between "Z" and "Shift (Up arrow)" on the bottom left of the keyboard.

\ \. \ USB1 [ENTER]
C: \ GD510.flb [ENTER]
CUST [Don’t press ENTER]

Plug the USB end of the cable into your computer, but NOT the micro USB into the LG Pop GD510. Open up the small flap on the side of the phone that protects the micro USB. Press "ENTER" and QUICKLY insert the other end of the USB cable into your LG Pop GD510. Now wait for about 5 minutes.
After 5 Minutes, the program will come up with an error. As long as it has been about 5 minutes, this is normal. Once it has finished, you can disconnect your phone. Remove the battery again, and insert it. Turn your phone on.

7. Minimise LG-Utils-0.4.2, and go into "C Drive". You will now see a new file, called CUST.big. This should be 133MB in size. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE!!! You must make a backup copy of this file. Create a new folder anywhere on your computer, called "CUST Backup". Copy the CUST.big file, and paste it into your new folder. This may take a few moments.

8. I am going to show you how to install a "Keylock" or "Idle_Keylock". Just download the file called "Nexus One.dmf" This is your theme file. You HAVE to rename this to "Idle_Keylock" (CAse SeNSeTiVe). At htis point, make a collection of folders to organise any themes you download. This will make it easy to find what your looking for. DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING FROM "C DRIVE"!!!

9. We now need to download and install another program. This program is called WinImage. This program is what we will use to edit our CUST.big file. – Latest version – All versions

10. Open WinImage, and click "OK" on the pop-up that comes up. Then click on "File", "Open", and select CUST.big form the "C Drive", NOT the backup.
On WinImage, open the folder "LGAPP", "DMF", and scroll down to the bottom. Find the file "Idle_Widget.dmf", and delete it, by clicking it once, and pressing the "Delete" button on your keyboard. Now, on the bar at the top of WinImage, click "Image", and "Inject…". Find the Nexus One file that you renamed to "Idle_Widget", and select it. Now click on "File", and "Save". Now exit out of WinImage.

11. Go back to LG-Utils-0.4.2. Type in the following, which again must be case sensitive.

C [ENTER]\ \. \ USB1 [ENTER]
C: \ GD510.flb [ENTER]
C: \ CUST.big [Don’t press ENTER]

On your phone, take the battery out again, and insert the battery again. Do the same thing as last time = Press "ENTER" on your computer, and quickly insert your phone. This time, it may take slightly longer.
Once the error appers on LG-Utils-0.4.2, disconnect your phone, remove the battery, and put the battery back in. Turn your phone on.
Try pressing the lock button, and you will notice the cool lock screen you now have. To unlock the phone, swipe the lock icon on the screen from left to right.

Simply replace the Nexus One.dmf file with another keylock (lots of them avalible to download on, and you can customise your phone the way you want. Just repeat steps 8. to 11. with a differnt file.

If you want to return the phone to normal, replace the files of CUST.big, with the files of your backup CUST.big.

You can also do this with Idle_Widget, which is your home screen (Widgets, Contacts, and Livesquare), and topmenu (found in the TopMenu folder), which is your Top Menu.
Note: Idle_Widget files, and Top Menu files downloaded from will either not work or not work properly. As of 19th August 2010, no Idle_Widgets for the LG GD510 Pop/Cookie Pep have been made, and only one Top menu by Christianx5, which is mucked up.


Credit to cobbyco

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u say that there r three files at the bottom….where are they…??even mylgpop site isnt working…

Anonymous on 6 March, 2011 at 12:29 am #

i can’t make the CUST.big

Rahul on 5 December, 2011 at 8:53 am #

i done everything u said but after did it my mobile is not working.i mean after i switched it on only sawing me a logo of lg nothing more…what should i do now?
please help me out.?

mohamad jam on 26 March, 2012 at 8:47 am #

hi . i cant movi in youtube in my mobile gd510 lg

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