To make you easy with the tutorial we have choose Chrome boot animation for LG Optimus. The method is same for all LG android devices, for example, the LG Optimus One, LG Optimus T, LG Optimus S, etc. LG Android Phones

Caution: Do at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages, injury or death resulting from use of the process. If you follow the steps exactly as described, you should have no problems.  LG Cell Phone Software

  1. Download and save the Chrome boot animation to your PC or laptop
  2. Copy the bootanimation.zip file to your SD card
  3. Open Root Explorer, tap on sdcard, and find the bootanimation.zip file you copied to your SD card
  4. Tap and hold the bootanimation.zip file and select Copy
  5. Go back to the first menu and navigate to /system/media
  6. Tap the Mount R/W button in the top right-hand corner
  7. Tap and hold the bootanimation.zip file and then tap Rename
  8. Rename it to old.bootanimation.zip and tap OK
  9. Press the Paste button and you should now see old.bootanimation.zip and bootanimation.zip in the folder
  10. Reboot your LG Optimus and enjoy your new boot animation!

If you want the restore your LG Optimus to the original boot animation just rename that oldbootanimation.zip file to bootanimation.zip. Good luck. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Well, where could we download the custom boot animation? Thanks to dudeman1996 sharing these Custom boot animation to us. The download link will be attached at the end of the post. LG-Optimus info

LG Optimus custom boot animation Download:

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