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The LG Thrive P506 is slightly different from the Phoenix 505 and for this reason the Optimus One CWM doesn’t play nice. In some cases it has sent people into fast boot hell (myself included). LG Android Phones

What you will need to do is flash the custom CWM for the LG Thrive P506 built by Raeyne. There doesn’t appear to be a way to flash a custom CWM from within ROM manager, but maybe someone else know how. Otherwise:

  • remove/reinsert battery; use power+home to get to fastboot;

The from there follow the instructions below to replace the Optimus One CWM with the custom Thrive 506 CWM.

PLEASE NOTE in STEP 5 that you should get the recovery image created by Raenye (here)

Use that recovery image and it will allow you to get into Clockworkmod from which you should be to do all the fun things that you want. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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