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A custom kernel can open up a new level of control over your device, such as overclocking/underclocking, undervolting, changing governors, changing I/O schedulers, adjusting colour calibrations, adjusting sound calibrations, and many other options.

Following is the tutorial on how to install a custom kernel with TWRP Recovery


  • unlocked bootloader
  • TWRP recovery


  1. Download a kernel that is compatible with your current ROM
  2. Enter TWRP recovery
  3. Select the install option from the TWRP home screen
  4. Navigate to the kernel and select it
  5. Swipe to install
  6. You’ll have an option to wipe cache/dalvik and an option to reboot system. Wipe the cache/dalvik, hit the back button, and hit the reboot system button

Once your phone has booted up you can use a kernel tuning app to change governors, I/O scheduler, clock speed, and other options. Some of the popular kernel apps are Kernel Auditor, Trickster Mod, No Frills, Kernel Tuner, and many more.

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