How To Increase SMS Box Size on LG enV Touch

Well, as title says, we are here to tell you how to increase the size of your SMS Inbox size from 8kb to 13kb. This method works on my LG enV Touch. If you are interested, try this, it won’t let you down. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How To Increase SMS Box Size on LG enV Touch Steps:

2.)Enter in security code (Usually 6 zero’s)
3.)Option 4 "SMS-LG"
4.)Option 1 "SMS MO SO"
5.)Select "13k"


The instructions is very easy, right? Now you have increase your SMS box site to 13kb instead of 8kb. Good luck. LG-enV touch info

Note: The tutorial is always working, but I am not responsible for any damage done to your LG enV Touch.

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