How to get your MSL on your LG Marquee

This is the easiest way to get your MSL Code for your LG Marquee including all CDMA Android smart phones.

  1. Download aLogcat (free) from market
  2. Open it and start the log
  3. Hit the "home" button on the phone and go to dialer and enter ##3282# then hit "advanced" hit "view"
  4. Then hit the back button on your phone and go to "data profile" hit "edit" and enter 000000
  5. It will say it is wrong, hold the home button and switch back to aLogcat and pause it.
  6. Hit "filter" and type msl

Caution: I’m not responsible if you lose your data connection from the things you do after you have your msl, so please only edit settings that you know are safe to edit.

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