How to Force LG Optimus 7 Update to NoDo

The LG Optimus 7 has got the NoDo update on March 29. However many people can not update their phone after receiving update message. Follow is tutorial to teach how to  force LG Optimus 7 Update to NoDo. LG Phone Problem and Solution

This tutorial works for Samsung OMNIA 7, but no difference for LG Optimus 7, since they have the same WM OS. Here we go: LG Windows Phone 7

First of all download this file pbk and save to your desktop. make sure your Zune software is up to date and close it! Switch your phone off and on then connect it to PC, go into settings on your LG Optimus 7 and switch Flight Mode ON! now open up the file you downloaded (pbk) and select EUROIP PPTP Hungary
click Connect
Open Zune and click on settings, click phone then scroll down to UPDATE.

How to force LG Optimus 7 Update to NoDo Tips:  LG-Optimus info
– try changing the MobileOperator registry key to 000-88
– when its checking for updates, count 33- 40 seconds, then turn off data connection on the phone
– turn off data connection and use Wi-fi instead. (For those without Data)
– make sure you have enough space on your hd

It’s confirmed to work for Telus LG Optimus 7 unlocked and MobileOperator 000-88 inside canada.

Here is the original thread if something you can’t understand, it would help you.


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