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All files in zip are officially from LG (DLL,TOT,LG FLASH Tools)

Credits and Thank You belong to LG and special thank you to n0ve

I have a new method how to flash your bricked LG Viper 4G back to factory stock. This flash is the LG Official firmware. This flash will wipe out everything and correctly flash prl,stock recovery,all partition. So let the get the ball rolling and lets hopefully get your LG Viper 4G back to fully working. Please follow all steps no short cutting, or altering files may cause issues with hardware and software to your LG Viper 4G. Please make sure you can get your phone in download mode before doing anything else.

Directions – Please read them carefully

  1. Please make sure you have your LG Drivers installed before you start this process
  2. Please download this file from this link provided I am giving you a choice on the firmware you want to reflash the LG Viper 4G
  3. When the download is complete. Please open the zip folder and you will see a folder inside the zip called LG. take the LG folder and move it to C: drive
  4. Please have at least 60 percent battery or more and put the phone in download mode. to get the phone in download mode. Plug the usb card and wait for battery icon to show and then hold vol up and power and keep holding it until you see a screen that says downloading in progress.
  5. Now go to your device manager and look for your com ports and find your LGE Android USB Serial Port. Now double click it and look for advance and then click it. now we have to change the com port to 41. when you are done press ok and close it out.
  6. Unplug your usb connection from phone and leave phone in download mode.
  7. Now open your windows explorer go to C:\LG\LGFLASHTOOL and look for the filename LGFLASHTOOL and right click it and run as admin.
  8. The program will open up. Now we need to program the LG Flashtool Software with Official LG DLL and Firmware and Comm Port
  9. Go to port settings in the LG FlashTool program and select port 1 only. and please ok.
  10. Now we need to go to model settings in LG FlashTool and we need to select dll and tot files. I know it will show that we show the tot and dll already setup. But we remove them and re add them. So do that now by choosing manual mode. and then select your dll and tot and please ok when done.
  11. Now plug your usb cable back to the phone.
  12. Now we are ready to flash the phone.
  13. To start the flash you will press the arrow on the top left side of LG FlashTool and begin the process. Please don’t let your desktop or laptop cutoff during the process. Please do not remove phone from usb cable until it says 100 percent It will reboot a couple times still don’t remove phone until it has reached 100 percent. When you have reached 100 percent you are now flashed with the Official Firmware.
  14. Good Luck and hope this guide will help you and please show me so love and click the thanks button. I busted my hump to get these programs.

Notes- If your LG Viper 4G doesn’t start the flash after pressing the arrow. just unplug the phone the download mode will stay on and replug in the usb port you used and within a few seconds it will begin.

Notes- Please use windows explorer to unzip the file so you can see LG folder to copy to c: drive of your pc. also once the LG Viper 4G reboots for the first time you can unplug the phone. also if you remember your msl number please do a ##786# enter your MSL so you will have a fresh voice and data.

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kyle on 10 November, 2012 at 10:30 am #

This was great. Worked amazing the first time. Thanks!

lg-phones on 26 February, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

Official Stock LG Viper 4G Firmware / Rom / Flash File http://www.lg-phones.org/official-stock-lg-viper-4g-firmware-rom-flash-file.html

Spencer Larsen on 7 April, 2013 at 11:40 am #

LG Flashtool software isn’t working. after clicking run as admin, it says ‘the application has failed to start because it’s side-by-side configuration is incorrect’.

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