How to Flash / Unbrick LG Optimus F6 Back to Stock

If you want to restore your LG Optimus F6 to it’s factory state (well, as close as possible if you unlocked the bootloader and rooted), or if you’re stuck in a bootloop (soft bricked), this guide will show the correct way to flash / unbrick / unroot the LG Optimus F6 back to stock.

All things you will need:

How to flash / unbrick / unroot the LG Optimus F6 Steps:

  1. Download and install the LG drivers downloaded above.
  2. Pull your battery out and put it back in
  3. Put your phone into "DOWNLOAD MODE" by holding press volume + and plug in your phone into your PC
  4. Download LG Flash Tool and extract it anywhere
  5. Click on "Windows Enabler"
  6. On the bottom right where the times is. It will show 3 little blue and white squares together.
  7. Double click on it and it will show "on"
  8. Right Click on "UpTestEX"
  9. Click "Properties"
  10. GO to the "Compatibility Tab" at the top
  11. Put a check under Compatibility Mode "Run this program in compatibility mod for:"
  12. Click on the drop down list and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  13. Place a check where it says "Run this program as an administrator" near the bottom
  14. Click on "Apply" then "OK"
  15. Double click on "UpTestEX" to open it
  16. On the top right where it says Select Type. Click on the drop down and click on "3GQCT"
  17. On the right of that where it says PhoneMode. Click on the drop down and click "EMERGENCY"
    Minimize this windows for now.
  18. Download the D50010b file
  19. Maximize UpTestEX tool and click on "Select kdz file" on the right side where the little folder icon is and select the kdz file you downloaded
    Click on "Normal web upgrade test" at the bottom right.
    (It is grayed out, kinda hard to see)
  21. A new windows will pop up and click on "Upgrade Start"
    (Do not click on anything else or the program will crash)
  22. Click on the Country drop down and click "Different Country"
  23. Under language Click on "English"
  24. Then select "OK". Let the program do its thing and it will say when its done!

Note: If the phone get stuck in a boot loop or stuck at LG screen! Then pull out the battery. Put it back in, but don’t power it on yet. Hold the volume – key and power the device on. This will boot into Factory Reset mode and follow the instructions.

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9 thoughts on “How to Flash / Unbrick LG Optimus F6 Back to Stock”

  1. this information is GREAT!!!. some computers though seem to getan error about csmg something. and easier way is to just download a program from lg called “LGMOBILE SUPPORT TOOL” and run it. before running the software make sure your phone is charged all the way and follow the instructions of putting you phone into download mode (hold down the volume up/+ key and plug your phone into your pc. on the top right click the button that says OPTIONS and select UPGRADE RECOVERY. the software will do all the rest. it downloads and installs the stock OS and takes about an hour on a 10MB connection. if you are running windows ex this tutorial works perfect however any pc OS that is newer gives the errors :). Hope this helps someone else.

  2. “compatibility mode click wundows xp” im on windows 7, this option ISNT EVEN THERE and there IS NO”service pack 3″ option either. Does this matter? What should i do? I REALLY LIKE this phone!

  3. Don’t need to do all of those steps, just download “LGMobile Support Tool from “, and install the USB driver within the tool, and run options/upgrade recovery. All set.
    Mine phone was LG F6 moetro PCS, it gets infinite loop in Metro PCS animation screen.

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