How to Flash / Unbrick LG Lucid 2 back to Stock

No matter what’s the issue on your LG Lucid 2 VS870, this guide can help you flash/Unbrick/Unroot/Update your device back to stock as long as you can get it into download mode.

The guide is not complicated if you follow the guide step by step. But if you have any issue please leave your comments below. I will reply you as soon as I can.


How to Flash / Unbrick LG Lucid 2 VS870 Back to Stock:

  1. Make sure your phone has at least 70 percent charge or more!!
  2. Download and install LG Lucid 2 USB Drivers
  3. Download and extract the KDZ_FW_UPD_EN Flash tool
  4. Install msxml.msi
  5. Disable antivirus software
  6. Open UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe
  7. Wait for the program to open
  8. Look for "Encrypt cab file to kdz file"
  9. Click the folder icon
  10. Choose the location of the cab you downloaded for the firmware
  11. Encrypt cab -> kdz Program will freeze up. DO NOT EXIT until program says Done!!! Otherwise it won’t finish converting.
  12. Close program
  13. Get your phone into Download Mode
  14. Connect your phone to PC
  15. Open KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
  16. "Type" choose CDMA
  17. Choose in "Phonemode": Emergency
  18. Click the folder icon and choose the kdz file that UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe just made.
  19. Click Launch software update and enjoy!

Verizon LG Lucid 2 VS870 User Manual / Guide:

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7 thoughts on “How to Flash / Unbrick LG Lucid 2 back to Stock”

  1. Everytime i try to encrypt the cab file, it takes me back to the download screen to re extract the same cab. what do i need to do.

  2. If you are stuck in a bootloop, factory reset by pressing Volume Down+Power from powered off mode.

  3. How to get into emergency mode (Download Mode):
    1. Phone must be off and unplugged
    2. Hold Volume Up+Volume Down, plug in USB cable to PC.

    To get out of e-mode, pull battery and unplug USB cable (do not do this while flashing firmware!)

  4. I recently converted this phone from verizon to metropcs and installed Lucidian be careful when you save you clockwork stuff somehow I did not have my keyboard app installed on my back up… the most annoying thing I have ever delt with… I am reflashing back to stock etc.. sucks… you can’t capitalize letters with voice only lol…

  5. always says phone was not found after launch software update. what am i doing wrong. phone is in download mode. it seems to me i have takin all the right steps

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