How to Flash / Unbrick LG G3 back to Stock

Below is a Guide that has worked on Flashing the other LG phones (LG G2, G Flex) it should be the same for the LG G3.

Before you do the process, you need these software below:

How to Flash LG G3 with a tot firmware:

1. Install Flashtool V1.8. Default install folder C:\LG\LGFlashtool

2. Copy crack file Megalock.dll to C:\LG\LgFlashtool

3. Enter download mode: Turn off, push vol+ and plug USB cable in

4. Open Device Manager on your computer and choose COM41 for phone connection:



5. Open Flashtool, choose .dll and .tot file, then fresh yellow icon like this:



6. When Flashtool show Ready, push USB out for 5secs and plug in again. Flashtool will automatic run



7. Done and enjoy

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7 thoughts on “How to Flash / Unbrick LG G3 back to Stock”

  1. i flashed d855 firmware on f400k device.
    now i can’t access download mode, only adb mode.
    how can i use the adb mode to relive the device ?

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