How to Flash / Restore / Unroot LG G3 to Stock

This flash tutorial will help you restore your LG G3 back to 100% complete stock. Also it will unroot your phone and get rid of Custom Recovery. Use this method if you want to get back to complete stock or if you brick your phone or if, for some reasons, the phone can not boot into fastboot mode.

Caution: This process won’t wipe your phone. Backup your storage before you continue. Do it at your own risk! If you follow this guide properly you will be on the safe side.

How to Flash / Restore / Unroot LG G3 to Stock:

  1. Download and install LG PC Suite from LG’s website
  2. Update the app so it recognizes the LG G3 – this should ask you to update automatically on opening the app, if not you can do it from the "help" menu.
  3. (NB: if you have used some of the KDZ flashing methods on here you may have issues updating as your hosts file is probably altered to block the PC Suite gaining a connection).
  4. Connect the phone via USB (the app allows for a wifi connection but this is very restrictive, you require a USB connection for this).
  5. *OPTIONAL STEP* If you want to go back to a truly stock experience then unfreeze any apps you have frozen (I am unsure if having apps frozen will effect OTA installations, it should still work fine, in theory).
  6. With the device connected go to the "phone" menu in PC Suite and select the option that says "Restore Upgrade Errors".
  7. It will then scan your device, download the rom and begin flashing, this is all automatic without any further input from you, do not cancel it.
  8. The phone will reboot when finished. You are now unrooted and unmodified and OTA’s should work.


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