How to Flash LG Thrill 4G to V10K Firmware

LG has rolled out its latest V10K firmware for the LG Optimus 3D for a few weeks. I just installed this on my LG Thrill 4G yesterday and i have to say its nice to have the ability to use 2g or HSPA or even 3G when there is no HSPA. Following is the full instructions on how to flash the LG Thrill 4G to Optimus 3Dā€™’s V10K firmware. Good luck. LG Android Phones

Steps to flash LG Thrill 4G to V10K firmware:

  1. Root your LG Thrill 4G with SuperOneClick
  2. Install the ClockworkMod recovery
  3. Download the new 10K Firmware zip and put on root of sd card
  4. Power off your phone.
  5. With the phone powered off, hold the volume down button, the 3D button, and the power button until you see the LG logo and then release. This should boot you into CWM.
  6. Make backup
  7. Wipe data,cache,dalvik (i did 3 times each)
  8. Install the firmware zip
  9. Reboot and wait. It took 5 min to boot
  10. Done… Now you can play Mario Kart in 3D or anything else you want, and no more AT&T crap. LG Phone Problem and Solution

V10K firmware Download: LG-Thrill-4G info

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7 thoughts on “How to Flash LG Thrill 4G to V10K Firmware”

  1. Please pay attention on what you are posting!!
    How do you make a from V10K_00.kdz???
    I am confused… You are flashing a .kdz file via cwm recovery???? how is that??

  2. It’s my fault that I mixed both two download links. The previous address is for flashing the LG Optimus 3D. Thanks for your reminding, rgabi88.

  3. I followed the instruction exactly as prompted and the clockworkmod recovery is my lg thrill as a lg optimus V.And cant intall the firmware in recovery mode

  4. how cand u make the smart phone internet work whit a 50 dollars unlimited plan by hidding the imin number?

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