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Hey guys, in this guide I will show you how to flash your LG Optimus Pro C660. This method is the simplest way to do it. LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Optimus Pro C660 Firmware Download:

Steps to Flash LG Optimus Pro C660 with LGDP2: LG Cell Phone Software

  1. Download LGDP2 V36 UMTS Setup and extract, go to LGDP2_31_INCLUDE_LGDP1_Setup folder and install the exe (use serial number). Now copy all the files from DOWNLOAD folder and paste on C:\DOWNLOAD (overwrite if needed).
  2. Install LG USB Modem Driver, connect the phone to PC through USB cable and let the drivers to be installed.
  3. You’ll need firmware in DZ format and the correct DLL for your model.
  4. Open LGDP2_V36_UMTS (for example) from C:\DOWNLOAD, select UMTS in Division and click OK.
  5. Select port (check Device Manager for LG USBModem Port number), you can set a range from easy select or select manually. Select DLL and select firmware in Download Configuration. Click OK.
  6. Click START in main window and connect the phone in Emergency download mode.

Steps to Flash LG Optimus Pro C660 with LGMDP:

  1. Install LG United Modem Driver, connect the phone to PC through USB cable and let the drivers to be installed.
  2. Opne LGMDP soft, click on the Select Port, new window will pop up.Your phone model and firmware version will be showed up there, if the phone is supported with that LGMDP version it will be automatically ticked on the checkbox. Now click Connect.
  3. A new window will pop up for firmware selection. Browse and select your firmware folder in the Select Image box, all files will be automatically selected. You can change any certain file from the browse button. If you are using a DZ firmware click DZ button on the right lower corner of the window and and select that.
  4. Select data handling option:
    • NV Backup/Restore: NV Backup/Restore always have to be done, and it is default selected option. Backup the NV data and restore the backed up NV data automatically.
    • Reset database & Contents: User related data including the setting data on the EFS is reset in the handset. The contents in the handset will be erased.
    • Erase_EFS: The calibration data, user contents, media, and module will be erased. Only calibration data is kept when NV backup/restore is checked.
    • Keep All Contents: No user data will be erased.
  5. Now click Start and relax.  LG-Optimus info

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Lingnau on 6 November, 2011 at 6:26 am #

Did anyone try it?
I’ve got a new LG Optimus Pro C660, but it has a horrible firmware from “Claro” (My telecom operator) that removed Google Talk and added a lot of useless things.
I want my original firmware.

Polz on 12 December, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

Decime si lo probas yo tengo como viene de movistar y tiene un problema con el manejo de la memoria ram que me salta un cartel de que tiene poca disponible y encontre que a todos les pasa lo mismo estaria bueno probar este firmware a ver si lo soluciona.

gucci on 19 December, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

Hmm, I think its going to work.

nwaka chinedu on 20 May, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

i ve one that is dead cuz my system restarted any solution?

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