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Here is a very simple, generic tutorial I wrote up for flashing LG Optimus Me, it is easy to understand for everyone. LG Android Phones

Warning: This is a very short tutorial to explain what you should do. I can’t guarantee it works 100%, but it is worth a try, right? And remember, I’m not responsible for any damage or brick, you are doing this at your own risk! LG Phone Problem and Solution

All things you will need before flashing your LG Optimus Me

How to flash LG Optimus Me Steps:

1. Install the USB drivers and LG B2C Tools
2. Unzip KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.7z and installed msxml.msi
3) Shut down the LG Optimus Me, remove the battery and connect the USB cable holding down the Volume Up button and wait until the drivers are installed (the phone should be on the "S/W upgrade Please wait" state while upgrading!!!!)
3′. Enable USB debugging and connect USB cable to your LG Optimus Me
4. Open your device manager and disabled under the Modem LGE Mobile USB Modem
5. Starts KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
6. In the Software Updater select "Type"=CDMA , "PhoneMode"=DIAG, and at "KDZ file" select the desired file. (The firmware .kdz file must have the name in this form!)
This will open "Read phone information" window. IN THAT WINDOW:
7. Click "Upgrade start". DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE!
LG Updater launches…..
8. Select Country="Different country" (unless you are in Korea) and Language as you wish
LG Mobile Updater Launches………. warning you and asking your permission to continue..
9. Follow LG Mobile Updater instructions…
Let the tool running for a few minutes through and be pacient!!
After the phone reboots first time, DO NOT UNPLUG USB CABLE!!!
WAIT!! Remove USB cable only after the log says that the flash was OK!
10. The flashing process is now finished. LG-Optimus info

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chamakito on 26 September, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

saben yo actualize el celu dela version v10a a la v10c y taba todo weno lo unico que me quedo el idima paralos sms en un idioma que no entiendo yno lo puedo poner en español

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