How to Flash LG Optimus L9

This flash tutorial allows you to update, downgrade, return and even fix an bricked LG Optimus L9 back to Stock.

One more thing: If you accidentally soft bricked your LG Optimus L9 you have to hold down Vol + button while connecting phone to pc (phone have to be turned off) to enter S/W Upgrade Mode and precede steps below:

  1. Edit your hosts in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ ( you can use notepad for this) and add at the end ,
  2. Download this shttps.rar unpack and run http.exe, a server status window will open "IGNORE IT BUT DONT CLOSE IT" and you will also see a SMALL SERVER icon in TASKBAR
  3. Right-click ON ICON and click on "Settings" >>> A "Configuration" Box will open, Then click on "HTTP" section >> Scroll down for a line "TCP/IP port for HTTP Server" and change Port value to "9002". Click ok and minimize server window.

How to Flash LG Optimus L9 Steps:

  1. Download the LG Optimus L9 stock rom you want to flash:
  2. Download
  3. install "B2CAppSetup.exe"
  4. Run LGMobile update and install drivers
  5. Connect your phone to PC with USB "debug" mode enabled and wait for drivers to install. (menu/settings/application/development/USB debugging )
  6. Install msxml.msi (Right click on file and select Install)
  7. Turn "windows enabler.exe" and switch to the "ON" position( left click on icon)
  8. Run "UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe", select your KDZ file.
  9. Set emeregency, 3gQCT, and press "NORMALL WEB UPGRADE TEST"
  10. Now "Read Phone Information" box will open with blank information, Just press "Upgrade Start"
  11. A small box at bottom-right side may appear like below, which you may "ignore" or "cancel"
  12. Now "Select country and language" small box will open Select "Different Country" and "English" and press "OK".
  13. Now actual flashing will start, and if your KDZ file is good flashing will end without any issue.
  14. Congratulations! Your LG Optimus L9 should be flashed successfully now.

Warning: Rooting / Flashing may brick your phone ! We are not responsible for any damage, do at your risk!

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  1. I can’t download any soft to lg l9… anybody have polish soft v10f orange and upload tis soft on any server?

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