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Here is the official ZVB firmware for the LG Esteem. I have also found a official Flashing Tutorial by LG fan! LG Android Phones

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this yet. I am not responsible for any loss or damage (including bricking) to your LG Esteem. Use this guide at your own risk!

How to Flash LG Esteem wit a .tot firmware Steps: LG-Esteem info

0. Install the software that pops up when you plug in your phone.

1. Get the LGNPST Package with the GenericModels and Components Plug-In.

2. Get the driver for the phone and install it

3. Get the Stock Rom TOT file and extract it.

4. Get the DLL file specifically for the Esteem

5. Extract the "LGNPST Store & Lab"

6. Install the following order:

  • a. LGNPSTv1.2_Store_Version.msi
  • b. LGNPST_v1.2_Lab_Version.msi
  • c. Components >> LGNPST_Components_Ver_5_0_12_0.msi
  • d. GenericModels >> LGNPST_GenericModels_Ver_5_0_10_0.msi

7. Run "Right_Click_Register_DLL.reg"

8. Make a new folder called "Models" in the program’s directory

  • Default: "C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\"

9. Grab the "MS910.dll" AND the "VS910.dll" and put it in the "Models" folder.

10. Right Click "MS910.dll" AND the "VS910.dll" and click on Install/Register.

  • Note: DLL WILL NOT INSTALL UNLESS COMPONENTS AND GENERICMODELS PLUG-INS ARE INSTALLED!!! IF YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT ON A RIGHT CLICK GO TO "C:\Windows\System32" and dragl the MS910.dll on "regsvr32" and it should install.
  • Make sure you install it properly
  • REBOOT!!

11. Run "LGNPST"

12. Plug in your phone, use Internet Connection Mode,and enable USB Debugging.

13. Phone should pop up in the list

14. Select the phone and click on the Open folder button inside the .BIN query underneath the COM## details.

15. Since it wants a .bin file, you can open the .TOT file by typing "*.*" inside the File Name query and hitting Enter

16. Select "MS910ZVB_01.SB_01.P3018.R1003.tot" and Click OK

17. Then click on Upgrade

18. Wait a few minutes

19. Enjoy


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roger on 19 March, 2012 at 6:18 am #

will this remove the bad esn?

Polarisation Maintaining on 8 January, 2015 at 11:32 pm #

WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for beepworld

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