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There has been a complete tutorial on how to flash LG Ally ROM. Following is the instruction I pasted from LG Ally forum, for someone who are searching for it. Hope it helps you, good luck! LG-Ally info

How to flash LG Ally ROM Steps: LG Phone Problem and Solution

1. Download LG Ally driver’s, even if you have Windows 7 its still a good idea to get these drivers so fastboot doesn’t freeze when you boot into it to get to recovery.
Download Here: LG Official Service

2. Get the AllyRR tool, makes it a lot easier to get to recovery.
Download Here: AllyRR (Root and Recovery Tool) WINDOWS

3. Download a ROM that you like and put it on your phones SD Card, put it in root of the SD Card dont make any folders!

4. Connect to phone to computer, open AllyRR and click "Do it", you might get stuck at the fastboot the first time you do it (its a blue screen), if its stuck there for like 2min than pull the battery and re-do it. Fastboot require’s drivers to be installed and AllyRR tool quit’s as soon as computer starts installing drivers.

5. Once in recovery backup everything, go to "Backup/Restore" and do nandroid back up.

6. Go to "Wipe Data" and erase data+cache, and dalviks cache (This is not required for all ROM’s but it wont hurt.

7. Once backed up go back to main menu of recovery (volume down button) and click "Flash from zip", chose your ROM and yay!

8. After you flashed the new ROM look in your SD Card for a nandroid folder, I recommend you move that to your computer just in case you decide to wipe your SD Card.

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