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This is an instructions on how to get up and going on a new custom ROM on the T-Mobile G2X Android smartphone. This tutorial is all based on you having a PC and an x64 or x86 based OS.  LG Android Phones

How to Flash Custom ROMs on T-Mobile G2X: LG-T-Mobile-G2X info

  1. Root your Phone (http://www.lg-phones.org/how-to-root-t-mobile-g2x.html)
  2. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery via NvFlash
    1. Use the One-Click NvFlasher to flash the Clockwork Mod Recovery of your choosing (external or internal supported SD card)(Which will be persistent at bootup). (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1056847)
    2. In your O/S install ROM Manager and once again choose to flash Clockwork Mod Recovery (which will NOT be persistent at bootup, but you can get to it through the O/S only using ROM Manager).
  3. Download the Custom Roms (http://www.lg-phones.org/t-mobile-g2x-custom-roms-download.html) and place it on the SDCard that you have ClockworkMod Recovery support for.
  4. Perform a Titanium Backup or My Backup Pro of your Phone
    1. Install Titanium Backup or My Backup Pro from Android Market.
    2. Backup all of your apps.
    3. Copy the "Titanium Backup" Directory from your internal SDCard to your External SDCard.
  5. Perform a Nandroid Backup of your Phone
    1. Bootup to NvFlashed Clockwork Recovery using the button method.
    2. Choose backup/restore and run a backup.
    3. This will save the backup to your internal or external SD Card depending on which version of CWM you selected in the One-Click App.
  6. Flash the ROM by booting into ClockworkMod Recovery using the button press method. LG Phone Problem and Solution


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