How to Flash bricked LG Pop GD510

Please Read and keep this manual carefully and download all files from here before you start flashing your bricked LG Pop GD510. LG Phone Problem and Solution

What you need to download before start flashing: LG-Pop info

GSMulti v3.0

V10D.bin firmware

GD510.dll file

How to Flash bricked LG Pop GD510 Steps:

1. Install program GSMulti
2. Run GSMulti
3. Choose "Settings > Configuration" 
4. Next "dll" and choose "GD510_090916.dll"
5. Next to "S/W" choose file "ROM_GD510AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-DEC-08-2009+1"
6. Check option USB
7. Now install drivers with directory "GSMulti>UsbDrivers", install  "INFINEON" and "TI_NEPTUNE".
8. Enter the directory C: \GSMulti and click on "UsbMap_V01"
select "INFINEON" and "Mapping START.
at this point, connect the USB phone
Program shows us in PORT NAME AND KEY
9.Click on SAVE & EXIT
10.Remove the battery, SIM card and memory card from your phone
11. Launch GSMulti and click the START button
12. Connect excluded phone into the USB
In the first field-USB1 we will see the progress of the program
After you complete the program, the phone reboots and you have got repaired phone. Now we can upload another CUST using LG Ultis.

Tutorial by dominik with and edited by AS-MARIO

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