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How to find out if your LG Ally Android device has the 50% dreaded bug?

Turn on your LG Ally, go to Settings – About Phone – Battery Use – Cell Standby (if you don’t have cell standby in there than you don’t have this issue, but if you do doesn’t mean you have it, keep reading) – if your time without service is above 50% than you have the bug. LG Android Phones

The the 50% dreaded bug appears on most Android Phones, Google is aware of it and I’ve seen topics where Verizon and HTC said that they were aware of it too. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Following is the Fix posted by vmanisme, I don’t have the 50% dreaded bug so I haven’t tried this. Someone said it works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t.  LG-Ally info

Turn on your LG Ally, open dial pad and dial *#*#4636#*#* (If Testing menu doesn’t come up than click "Call" and it will come up)>Go to Phone information>Scroll down and you’ll see preferred network type>click it and switch it to GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)

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Bruce on 27 September, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

I am happy to report that I used this yesterday (9/26/10) and it is working for me. Before, my battery would not last 24 hours with little to no use. If I used it AT ALL for Internet or calls, it lasted less than 12 hours.

Once I did the above, I turned the phone off, removed the battery, then put it back and restarted the phone. I no longer have the Cell Standby category or the time without a signal listing I had before. Hope it keeps working!

[…] then there might not be a fix. yeah, reception isnt the best at my house. I also tried this: How to Fix the 50% dreaded bug on LG Ally – LG Cell Phones Blog which has seemed to work but ill find out for sure in the next few […]

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