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This is just random things people have tried that have worked for them, this is not a step by step, THEY MAY OR MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU, and they are in no particular order, everyone’s phone is different: LG Android Phones

T-Moible G2X APN Voodoo Settings:

  1. Try Holding power button down while holding volume up to reboot the T-Moible G2X.
  2. Try pulling battery out while the phone is on, let it sit for a minute, then restart.
  3. Try toggling airplane mode on wait a minute, then turn it back off.
  4. If simple user is selected in your APN menu try selecting T-Mobile. If this fails try deleting simple user APN.
  5. Go into settings>wireless>mobile networks. -let it search, pick one, let it ‘error’ then select the ‘select automatically’ option -wait a second, press back to the home screen, wait two more seconds APN issues disappear
  6. Run fix permissions in ROM Manager
  7. Replace Sim card,try new UICC sim card specifically for 3g/4g devices.
  8. Try flashing new ROM while in a good T-Mobile area (ie full bars of reception) to register on network
  9. Try reinstalling ROM using this process:
    • Wipe cache
    • Wipe Dalvik
    • Flash ROM
    • Flash gapps
    • Fix Permissions
    • Reboot
    • Turn on WiFi and make sure you’re connected.
    • Go into the Market, search "APN Backup".
    • Download the program called "APNsBU (ROOT)"
    • Open the program and click on the "Backup APNs" button.
    • After that’s done, click on the "Restore APNs" button. It will prompt you to reboot your T-Moible G2X.
    • After the reboot, open the APNsBU program, click on the menu button on your phone and click "View APNs".
    • You should be able to see "Simple" and "T-Mobile US." Turn off your WiFi and you should be good to go!
  10. The fix that’s been working for me 100% is to just delete the APN type on both the T-Mobile US and Simple and then make sure T-Mobile US is selected
  11. Use ROM Manager to "Reboot into Recovery", once recovery boots simply select "reboot system now" and let the phone boot back up. That’s it, when the T-Moible G2X boots back up the apn settings will be restored and data will be working like it should. LG Phone Problem and Solution


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