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Ok now for all those whose LG Phoenix just only goes to fastboot means you just soft bricked your phone! But don’t worry its still not fully bricked and there are ways to fix it. I also had this problem and the way i fixed it was by flashing the P500 kdz firmware. You’ll get weird distorted colors once its all flashed and booted again but just sign on your Google and go to the market and go back to the CWM recovery and flash it again and this time don’t do backup within the app! I noticed if you use anything in the app itself it causes this problem, so just do everything by rebooting your phone in recovery.  LG Android Phones

First, get the LG Phoenix usb driver from here:

Now, get the LG Phoenix KDZ flasher from here:

Then get the the LG Phoenix KDZ file to flash from here:

Ok once you decompress kdz updater there are three separate files to work with. 1. windows enabler. 2. msxml.msi 3.KDZ_FW_UPD.exe

Double click windows enabler and you will find an icon in the system tray at the bottom. Left click once and it will say on. Click and install msxml now.

Now you have to boot your LG Phoenix into emergency mode, turn phone off even if it means taking out the battery. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Press power – volume up – back (this button is next to the home button).

Connect to usb now. the lap top found new hardware and installed four drivers.

Then open device manager. Left click my computer – properties – device manager. You need to disable the LG modem driver. Left click on it and disable. You might need to restart the computer for this so do that too.

Now launch kdz updater. There will be a drop box on left set to 3gspt or similar. on the right drop box set to diag. The long box just above the info box with a file at the side lets you browse to find restore file. e.g. V10e.00.kdz.

Double click the button below and let it do it’s thing. My laptop is old and slow. Took 15min. My LG Phoenix shut down and came up with an error at the last minute. Anyway I rebooted and all was good.

Now the LG Phoenix has all distorted colors and funky but don’t worry just Root your phone with Gingerbreak:

Then go to the market and get Rom Manager and just flash the recovery, and choose LG Optimus One. Then you can go back to the Stock 2.2 rom, by flashing one of these from the recovery. Go can access the recovery by holding home and Up and Down Volume keys.

If the method below fails try this way:

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Jorge on 29 April, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

I just get me Stuck in the “android” screen forever

tmapp on 13 August, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

this procedure does not work. My phone will not connect to the computer, even after installing all of the aforementioned programs. I am stuck at the LG screen, and the home keys flash. I have tried repeatedly to attempt this method, and my computer will not detect that I have anything connected to it. My phone will come on, if when I connect to the computer, but the computer does not recognize that anything is attached to it. Please HELP!

Pete Yohoyoho on 10 April, 2013 at 10:26 am #

It workes using these steps in win7:

install phone drivers

boot phone into emergency mode (back+volup+pwr)

plug in usb

Disable modem driver in control panel

run msxml.msi

run kdz_fw_upd.exe, retrieve phone data

reboot PC

reboot phone (emergency mode)

plug in usb

run kdz_fw_upd.exe, browse for update&install

takes about 20 minutes

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