How to fix LG Optimus V Fastboot Issues

Bricked to fastboot on your LG Optimus V? Ah, well, good thing fastboot isn’t really a brick- it’s just an inconvenience!Ā  LG Android Phones

Here’s a quick and easy guide to getting back up and running again.

When you get

fastboot mode started


First you need to prepare your pc with all necessary set up

How to fix LG Optimus V Fastboot Issues Steps:

1)Download android sdk from here
2)then you need to install all jdk(java development kit) download from here
3)then after that you need to open android sdk and download all flatform tools
4)then some times you won’t get fastboot.exe so you download from below uploaded file and extract it and copy it platform tools folder
5)u need to have recovery file i uploaded in .zip format u just unzip it and take recovery file here which one is clock work mod
6)connect your mobile to your pc then you will get message that
fastboot mode started
— suspend —
— reset —
— portchange —
— reset —
— portchange —
7)open run command and enter cmd
8)then you just enter fastboot
9)then you just enter fastboot erase recovery
if its successful then it will show successful message on command window
otherwise it will show waiting for device
if waiting for device message comes then you just install PDANET on your pc here link:
after that it will definitely show successful message on both phone and your pc command window
8)copy that uploaded recovery file and fastboot.exe file to the path what you getting on your command window.

For example Iā€™m getting: c:\user\mahesh so you copy in your respective folder then enter the code as

  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Then it show successful message on your pc command window if then check where your copied files correctly

Then you enter code as

  • fastboot reboot

Then you get success message then your mobile go to recovery automatically.

If I am missing something let me know. And I’ll be glad to try to help anyone with issues. LG-Optimus info

Download: LG Phone Problem and Solution

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4 thoughts on “How to fix LG Optimus V Fastboot Issues”

  1. You saved my life!!! My wife was gonna kill me for bricking my phone! Just want to add that you don’t need to install JDK.

  2. I did all of this but at the end where I have to look up the cmd.. it isn’t there and it says cannot be found. ive been working on this all day and need my phone very badly. – getting really stressed out- please bear with me. I think I have read everything and if not please tell me step by steps intructions. thankyou šŸ™‚

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