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We know that many people have had issues or problems on their LG Optimus S with the SD card mounting and unmounting on it’s own and being a nuisance as well as leaving some things inaccessible. This was solved by removing the sd card physically then re-inserting it. LG Android Phones

There currently is no "update" fix for the problem although Sprint has acknowledged it and is claiming that they will release a fix in the future. Personally, I am not counting on this nor would I trust Sprint and all it’s wisdom to fix an android software issue. As commendable as their efforts may be I just don’t see it happening… LG Phone Problem and Solution

However, there is hope! Listed below will be the most reliable ways of fixing this issue/problem. I would consider this a permanent fix. There have been no issues reported with the method described in post #1. LG-Optimus info

This should be a list of known fixes for the SD card issues that users have experienced. This should include any resolutions from previous threads. There should be no discussion in this thread. This is only meant to be a list of confirmed solutions. You are welcome to post your solution. This is NOT A TROUBLESHOOTING THREAD. If you want troubleshooting, there is another thread for that.

These instructions will tell you how to properly setup the card for use and transfer your old files from your old card.

Goes as follows (I suggest following these step by step to achieve desired results):
1. No matter where you buy it, make sure that it’s legitimate. Make sure it’s at least a Class 4!!! I would recommend an 8gb or more for future expandability and the 8gb is the one that worked for me! There is a really good price on the 8gb Sandisk right now in the androidcentral store: (MODS help me out with the link here) —…7A128A3291.htm That is probably the best price for a legitimate memory card that you know is not fake. You will know it is Class 4 by looking on the card itself. There is a VERY small white circle with a number inside of it. It should be a small 4!

Disclaimer: Buying an illegitimate card can cause unknown issues and possibly damage your computer and phone. I would recommend not buying from an unknown source (i.e. eBay, or an untrusted source). is a trusted place. Hence why it is recommended.

2. Get to your nearest computer and unpackage this fresh SD card!

3. Insert the card into your computer FIRST! Do not put this card into your phone until you have done the steps listed below. There will be a step to insert the card into your phone. Don’t worry.

4. At this point you have the card in your computer and a prompt should pop up asking what you want to do with the "removable media". Look to see what drive letter is assigned to the new memory card (i.e. E:, F:, G and write it down, remember it, scream it out loud… You will need it for reference in the next step. Click CANCEL or EXIT. DO NOT select the open folder for viewing or any other options.

5. Open "My computer". You should see the removable media drive listed in this folder. RIGHT CLICK the appropriate drive letter. This is important that you know which drive letter it was so that you click the right one. (If you don’t, you will have much bigger problems than the memory card on your phone… If you don’t remember which drive letter, just repeat steps 1-4 and continue.) A drop down menu pops up with a list of options. Click Format…

6. Important! Make selections exactly as listed!

  1. -Capacity is the size of the drive (can’t change that).
  2. -File system should be listed as (default). Leave it as it is.
  3. -Allocation unit size must be set to "Default allocation size"
  4. -Volume label is optional
  5. -If Quickformat is checked, un-check it

7. Click Format. Wait 15-20 min. Yes, it’s long. But patience IS a virtue and worth waiting for in this case….


8. If you want to copy files from your old memory card to the new one, now is the time (at what point you transfer the data doesn’t really matter it’s just more of a convenience to do it now rather than later since you should have both cards out of the phone at this point). Remove the NEW memory card from the computer (as not to cause confusion while transferring files, this doesn’t really make a difference but I know I would be the one to mess this up so it’s more of a disclaimer for the illiterate like me). Insert the old one. Open the drive (folder) to view files. Highlight all of the files and select ‘copy’. Right click your desktop and make a folder (it will be temporary). Open the folder, right click and paste the files to the folder. At this point you can either format, completely erase, or just take out the old memory card and burn it or put it under your car and drive over it a few times, smash it with a hammer, shoot it, or otherwise properly dispose of it. It’s no longer of use to you.

8.1. Insert new memory card back into computer. Copy (drag and drop, cut + paste, doesn’t matter) files in temporary folder on desktop to the drive letter assigned to the new memory card. Erase (or keep as a backup) the folder with these files in it.

9. Insert new memory card into LG Optimus S. You no longer have issues with SD card!


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