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Problem: Latest Version of LG Mobile Update tool prevents uses from updating firmware from kdz files.

Info: As LG Mobile Update Tools relay on lg webserver to provide application updates and firmware updates it’s not possible to just use the old version as it force fully update it self.

Solution: I used network sniffer(Wireshark) to sniff all the traffic between application and LG Webserver i tracked the important urls and the data coming from LG Webserver. I created all the files with same names and with data from LG Webserver. I changes the LG Mobile Application from to Rest of the files has same data as LG.

How To:

1) Download http://smallsrv.com/



2) Install



3) Go to Settings

4) Go to HTTP Settings



5) Change Port to 9002



6) Extract the Content of Attached Zip file into C:\shttps\www



7) Edit C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host in notepad and add the following Line csmg.lgmobile.com



8) Enjoy Flashing firmware as usual.

Note: This method has lot of advantage. LG Is watching everything when you run firmware update with KDZ Method LG is logging everything you mobile No, SN No, OLD Firmware, New Firmware etc..

Very special Thanks to unknown_world for this article.

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Pat B on 27 July, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

This wrked like a dream on 2 g2x’s from wind going to t-mobiles 21y gb update.
1 went from 2.2.2 right to y, the other from e to y no hitches.

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