How to fix a bricked LG Spectrum

Here is the easiest way to fix an bricked LG Spectrum by using the LG Mobile support tool:

Okay, let’s get starting:

  1. Launch the LG Update Tool that you’ve just downloaded.
  2. Put your phone into “Download Mode”: Take out battery, hold volume up and power at same time, the software will see phone, then while still holding insert usb cable. If the program finds your phone you are in good shape, if not, you will need to trouble shoot your issue (missing driver, loose cable, etc)
  3. In the LGMobile Support Tool Program click on Customer Support -> Recovery Phone
  4. Choose Model : LGVS920
  5. Input your IMEI from your phone or box into the S/N box and then click “check”
  6. A box will pop up confirming your info. If all goes well a new window will pop up about downloading software. The file is about 800MB. Let it run it’s course and you should be back up and running with a factory fresh phone.
  7. If anyone runs into issues using this, please let me know. I stopped at the downloading step as I do not feel like re-doing all my system settings for a 5th time.

This is the way that LG software can repair a rooted LG Spectrum gone bad, though LG will not tell any one this when you call them, i work in the industry and a former LG technician mentioned this to me. Worked a treat when i thought i bricked my LG Spectrum. Also this usually just does a repair installation so usually it keeps all your settings.

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8 thoughts on “How to fix a bricked LG Spectrum”

  1. I have tried this method a dozens of times from several PCs. I rooted and bricked my spectrum over a month ago. I had not even put any customs roms on it yet. The process always goes smooth up until the download gets to 30% it then tells me there was an error between the PC and phone connection. Have used several cable including the one that came with the phone. Any help would be greatly apprectiated. Im about to cut my losses on this thing.

  2. I give up. who wants to buy a bricked/rooted lg spectrum that only goes into download mode?

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