How to fix a Bricked LG Optimus S

If your LG Optimus S doesn’t boot into download mode and you have a black screen after flashing how you unbrick it, it worked for me. LG Android Phones

You will need to go into EMERGENCY MODE by following these simply steps.

Hold volume down+camera+search(not the side one), then while plugging into pc press and hold power. You should go into a screen that has EMERGENCY MODE displayed in red letters. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. We will not be liable if your LG Optimus S gets damaged or bricked during the process. LG-Optimus info

How to fix a bricked LG Optimus S Steps:

1) Disconnect your LG Optimus S from PC, power, and battery
2) Get kp500 utils v0.4.2 (MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service)
3) Get VC cab (…
4) Save cab as C:\
5) Run KP500-Utils-EN.exe, need only that exe and all the DLLs from
zip in step 2
6) Press J
7) Model: LS670
8) Cab: C:\ (u can paste this into cmd
prompt by clicking icon on the top left, edit, paste)
9) Version: LS670ZVC
10) When LG fails to find your phone, launch "emergency mode". When
E-mode is active and the drivers are installed, press the "restart"
button on the LG update
11) The LG update will fail and say it lost connection with your
phone. The phone will say do not remove power. But guess what.. you
have to. So do so. Then plug it back in without any button voodoo and
it should go back to the updating warning.( if there is a % on the screen do not pull the cable)
12) Press restart on LG Updater and enjoy.

[Via androidcentral]

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