How to fix a bricked LG Optimus One on fastboot mode

Fastboot mode usually comes up if something went wrong with your LG Optimus One P500 when trying to flash a recovery image, for example when flashing AmonRa recovery or ClockWorkMod. It happened to me several times so I tried to learn to revive it without reflashing the original firmware. Note: This tutorial works only if recovery is the only one broken. (If the ROM itself is broken, then that’s a subject for another tut.) In this case, the most logical thing to do is just reflash the recovery image. So how do you do it in fastboot mode? Here’s how: LG Android Phones


You tried flashing a custom recovery like ClockWorkMod or Thunderg, or you flashed an incorrect ROM, and when you rebooted, it showed this screen:

  • fastboot mode started
  • udc_start()

and the phone stays there. When you plugin the LG Optimus One P500 to your computer’s USB, it is detected and the screen has this display:

  • fastboot mode started
  • udc.start()
  • — suspend —
  • — reset —
  • — portchange —
  • — reset —
  • — portchange —

You will need:

  • Your PC and your USB cable for the phone
  • USB drivers for your LG Optimus One P500 (use B2C from LG).
  • Android SDK (download from here)
  • Java, required to run the SDK (but right now I am not sure if this is required to run fastboot!)
  • ClockWorkMod or AmonRa Recovery.

Here’s what to do: LG Phone Problem and Solution

  1. Assuming phone is turned on in fastboot mode, plug it in to the USB of your PC. You will know that it is detected if you see the the lines "suspend", "reset" and whatnot on the phone’s screen.
  2. Extract the recovery image from the zipfile downloaded from step#5 above (e.g. LGp500-recovery-v12.img). Place the image file in the same folder where fastboot.exe is (usually in the tools\ folder in the SDK). For your convenience, rename the img file as recovery.img
  3. Fire up your command prompt and cd to the directory where fastboot.exe is located.

Then type the following command:

  • fastboot erase recovery

Once you get the confirmation that it was successful, type this:

  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Once you get the success confirmation, reboot the LG Optimus One P500, or you can also type (optional):

  • fastboot reboot

The LG Optimus One P500 will reboot itself, and with any luck you should be able to go back to your same old Android bootscreen. Note that no settings were modified here, so this is extremely useful for those who do not want a clean slate after a fastboot nightmare.

Also, note that if this is successful, you can now boot to recovery with the usual button-combos, thus enabling you to flash ROMs and other recovery zips.

Note: On some SDK versions, fastboot may not be included. For your convenience, I have attached the fastboot binary I got from my downloaded SDK. I have also attached AdbWinApi.dll which some user reported is missing in the SDK. Place the DLL in the same folder where fastboot.exe is located.


The usual DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any of this information, it is all based on my personal experience and I do not guarantee it will work for all of you as these models do very slightly from region to region. Proceed at your own risk! I make no claim on these files as being my work – they are a collection i have simply gathered in my work on these phones.

If you find this post helpful please leave a comment so I know it is being used and I keep it here. LG-Optimus info


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  1. THANKS A LOT… YOU ARE TRULY GOD…I was hopeless thinking that I bricked the device but YOU SAVED ME…

    awesome stuff !!

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  2. Would some mine calling me?? I hav stock in and i cant install fastboot what to do i am unknown to this…

  3. I am unable to install fastboot it says adbwinapi.dll missing what to do please some one help me when i connect my phone to pc supend reset portchange reset and portchange appears but stock after this

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