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I figured out how to COMPLETELY return to stock, un-root, and un-brick the LG Lucid.

The night started with me wanting to remove the stock lock screen and replace it with the new ICS lock screen… well I got it working, sorta. It worked once then every time I tried to unlock the LG Lucid after that, the backlight would turn on but no screen, no lock screen, nothing… just back light.

I rebooted into recovery with ADB and formatted /system, /data, /sdcard, /_ExternalSD, /persist, and /cache. I’m thinking one of those steps was bad because then I tried to push my img file to _ExternalSD and after waiting over an hour it was still going. So I pulled the battery and obviously from this point on I would not be able to boot to system.

I returned to recovery holding down VOLDOWN + POWER for 5 seconds until the factory reset screen came up. I hit POWER twice and that brought me to recovery. I used adb shell to try and push the img again only to find out I couldn’t mount /sdcard anymore and by extention /_ExternalSD. Don’t ask me why… not sure. I pulled the external SD out and reformatted in windows and put the img file on manually.

Back to recovery but no matter what I did… I couldn’t get internal or external storage to mount. I tried


  • adb shell dd if=C:\vs840_files\lucid.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p26

but ADB didn’t like that.

So at this point I had a semi working recovery that couldn’t repair system, and a system that wouldn’t boot because I wiped /system. So now I begin hours of research trying to find the proper software to re-install firmware via download mode. I’ve used the LG Mobile Support Tool before with other LG phones but not for download mode… only type of phone I’ve ever been able to use “Download Mode” is Samsung phones and ODIN.

I tried it anyway and it WORKED… the LG Mobile Support Tool connected to my LG Lucid in Download Mode, completely fixed my LG Lucid… un-root, stock, complete factory reset.

I will say blumeany that after doing this, I checked for OTA and my LG Lucid is all ready up to date, so I’m not sure if it will fix your issue but its certainly worth a shot.

Here is the link to the driver and tool I used to fix my LG lucid:

Make sure to click on the “SOFTWARE UPDATE” tab.

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spacejesus on 9 February, 2013 at 2:30 am #

well i just had an update on my phone. stuck at a reboot that says
Secure booting Error!
Cause : boot certification verify

enter the fastboot…
enter the fastboot…

long time no see!

even with trying this i couldnt get this to work. any chances to save my phone?

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