How to Find Mac Address on LG Fathom

You may need the MAC or Wi-Fi address of LG Fathom VS750 if your internet router uses MAC address filtering. Here’s where to find it: LG Phone Problem and Solution

1. Turn WiFi on in Connection Manager

2. Tap Settings.

3. Select WLAN.

4. Tap Connection Status.

5. Scroll down, Wi-Fi MAC address will be on this screen

Another way for you to find your Mac or Wi-Fi address on LG Fathom VS750:

To turn off the MAC filtering, allow your LG Fathom VS750 to connect, get on the web interface for your router, find the connected phone and view it’s MAC address there. LG-Fathom info

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  1. my phone bluetooth no working.but on the phone need LG address,i don’t know how to find LG address?

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