How to Download All LG Phone Firmware?

Here we highly recommend that you use this method to download your LG Phone’s firmware.

Here is the link:


Replacing yourimei with your LG Phone’s actual imei (just numbers, nothing else), it’ll spit out a bunch of text including an address with the kdz firmware.

For example:

If your phone’s imei is 357090025667601. Then open the link:

You will see the following information:



This includes all your phones information and the current firmware available to download.

Just open the link and download the version you want. Good luck.

Also, your IMEI should be 15 digits, and I’ve only used this on my computer, so I’m not sure if it works on mobile browser or not, and if that’s how you’re trying it.

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17 thoughts on “How to Download All LG Phone Firmware?”

  1. This also works withe CDMA phones, make sure you hace caps lock on when typing the meid hex number.

  2. My LG Spirit 4G (H440N) is running on network firmware, how can I get UK generic/unlocked firmware?

  3. my lg phone was rooted and and after a many days it was hanging out and not responding. and i think that is because of the root because many apps was installed with no permission.. and my big question for you is.. can it be find when I reprogram this my LG phone.? and can i download your firmware to reprogram this? please help me.

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