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Here is a guide about how to do downgrade / recover LG Venice LG730 to ZV5 and gain root access again by using Bin4ry’s exploit. This tutorial will also unbrick a soft bricked phone.

WARNING: If you do something wrong, you can hard brick your phone. I take no responsibility if your mess up your phone in the process.

Tools & files you will need:


  1. Install LG Mobile Support Tool & drivers
  2. Extract the KP500 tool into a directory (i.e. C:\LG_Tools)
  3. Move the .cab file into the same directory
  4. Power off your device
  5. With your device off hold down the vol up + vol down
  6. Plug in the usb cable while holding both buttons your device should now be in download mode.
  7. Run KP500-Utils-EN.exe as administrator
  8. You will get a list of options choose I "Flash with assistance (file .cab) enter the letter I
  9. Enter the Phone Model = LG730
  10. Input the full path to your cab file including .CAB at the end (i.e. C:\LG_Tools\LG730ZV5_01.S5_00.P61009.CAB)
  11. Input the full file name of your cab without the .CAB at the end (i.e. LG730ZV5_01.S5_00.P61009)
  12. Watch as the LG update tool pops up. It will most likely tell you that your phone is disconnected. This is normal and to be expected just click restart.It will find your phone and go thru extracting the cab file and then extracting a .bin file.At this point if you did something wrong with driver setup you will get a page error. If you did it right, you will get a percentage indicator that goes past 15%. Every so often a message will go by about "model dll message not found". This is normal.
  13. Wait for your phone to finish flashing and let it reboot on its own. Its best to do a factory restore after flashing but is not necessary. Enjoy the fact that you can now recover your phone if you do something wrong (in most cases)


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