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For the masses, if and when the phone gets rooted or if there’s any mistakes made while this phone is being tinkered with this should set you back straight. LG Android Phones

I present the LG Optimus M Downgrader. Why call it a downgrader when there’s nothing to downgrade from yet? I dunno but I do know this should take your phones back to an "out of the box" state if any type of modifications render your phone inoperable. LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Optimus M Downgrader

To use this, follow these directions: LG-Optimus info

  1. Unpack it to the root of your C: drive
  2. Remove any instance of any previous LG Updater from your PC. Do this by going to C:\Program Data\LGMOBILEAX\B2C_Client and then clicking on the file B2CAppUninstall.exe
  3. Then delete the folder LGMOBILEAX
  4. Install the USB drivers if you don’t have them already
  5. Plug the LG Optimus M into any USB port on the back of your PC. Not the front ones
  6. Turn off your LG Optimus M and take out the microsd card
  7. Turn phone back on
  8. Connect your phone with the USB
  9. Make sure you have your phone in USB debugging mode by going to Settings/Applications/Development and tapping on USB debugging
  10. From the root of C: Run KP500-Utils-EN.exe
  11. Press the letter J on your keyboard and press enter
  12. Type "LGVM670" without the quotes for Phone Model and press enter
  13. Type and press enter
  14. Type VM670ZV4_13 for the Version and press enter
  15. The updater in my package will open up and probably complain that the phone is not connected. Just click restart and the program will continue.
  16. Allow the program to do it’s thing. Your phone eventually should reboot with a screen that says it’s upgrading.
  17. Wait until the downgrade is complete and the phone reboots. Do not unplug your phone until the program asks you to exit.
  18. Your LG Optimus M will stay on the android animation for a while and then it will start looping the animation. This happened to me, but don’t panic. Wait about 4 or 5 minutes while it’s looping.
  19. After that take the battery out. It’s the only way to turn the phone off.
  20. Press and hold the "Power/Lock", "Home" and "Volume down" buttons down and wait until the little droid dude and progress bar appears. Then release the buttons. This is a factory reset.
  21. Then wait. The LG Optimus M will start up and animation will take a while till it gets to the Welcome screen.

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