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Following it the corrected instructions on how to restore your Cricket LG Optimus C back to stock. I have confirmed this works. I have performed these exact steps on my own LG Optimus C. LG Android Phones

Credit for some of the instructions for resetting the LG Optimus C back to factory go out to mmarz (…-untested.html) and 00_wrath_00. I have just edited their instructions and added some of my own experience with resetting my own LG Optimus C back to factory. LG Phone Problem and Solution

As stated in mmarz thread. Warning: This instructions will brick your phone, no one should try this without any preparation. I will not responsible for any damage. The method did work for me, I have tested this on my won LG Optimus C, but did not know whether this is works on your phone.  LG-Optimus info

How to Downgrade LG Optimus C back to stock Steps:

1. Download the package I have put together to restore phone to factory
2. Extract it into your C:\ directory such that KP500-Utils-EN.exe is located: C:\KP500-Utils-EN-v0.4.2\KP500-Utils-EN.exe along with cab file.
2. Firmware and KP500-Utils-EN.exe should be located within the same directory
3. Make sure you have the most recent version of LG Mobile Support Tool Mobile Phone Support. Uninstall older version and re-install the latest if you do not already have.
4. Turn off your phone and take out the microsd card
5. Turn phone back on
6. Connect your phone with the USB
7. Make sure you have your phone in USB debugging mode by going to Settings/Applications/Development and tapping on USB debugging
8. Run KP500-Utils-EN.exe
9. Press the letter on your keyboard and press enter
10. Type LW690 for Phone Model and press enter
11. Type and press enter
12. Type LW690ZV5 for the Version and press enter
13. The updater in my package will open up and probably complain that the phone is not connected. Just click restart and the program will continue.
14. Allow the program to do it’s thing. Your phone eventually should reboot with a screen that says it’s upgrading.
15. Wait until the downgrade is complete and the phone reboots. Do not unplug your phone until the program asks you to exit.
16. For me, it went back to my home screen and did not loop on the animation screen. But if it does loop on the android animation don’t panic. Pull the battery out.
17. Perform a factory reset by going into settings menu/privacy and click on factory data reset.
18. Perform factory reset.
19. Then wait. Phone will start up and animation will take a while till it gets to the Welcome screen. This brought me back to a factory Cricket ROM, unrooted.

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