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A boredom induced very thorough search through the registry, combined with google searches of every seemingly gps related item in there led me to a few very interesting discoveries. Most of all was the GPSOne driver. Research into that led me to this website which tells me that the GPSOne chip is responsible for aGPS. More specifically, it has 4 modes of operation (listed at the bottom of that page).

Now Standalone mode seems very promising for those of us trying to disable the stupid aGPS data charges we are getting. So I messed with the registry a bit, and I found it! The attached .cab file sets the GPSOne chip to Standalone mode I believe!

So here’s the .cab file that I made that installs the registry tweak which I now have on my LG Incite.

I have CONFIRMED on my own LG Incite phone that it no longer tries to connect to medianet when I start up Garmin or any GPS program even though my phone radio is still turned on. Also, IM still connects, the gps still acquires a signal (after the minute or two wait we are accustomed to by turning the phone off first) and everything works perfectly, and I have 0 charges on my online bill! And my phone radio has remained on the entire time!!!

I do not have a data plan so have not tested any effects on medianet outside of aGPS and the IM’s, but I only changed a gpsdriver so I can’t imagine they should be affected in any way.

So there it is, others may need to test it still, but I’m 99% sure I finally disabled the stupid aGPS on the LG Incite!

Disable aGPS on LG Download

Credit: brendan41357

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jatinder on 17 June, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

Does any know how to disable AGPS in LG CU 720 ( LG shine Phone )

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