How to disable 3G on the LG Thrive for battery savings

With 3G data enabled on the LG Thrive, the battery gets used more rapidly. While there is a way to switch between 3G and 2G on AT&T’s LG Thrive – accessing the dialer and calling 3845#*506#.

Now you’ve taken to a hidden test menu that features an array of secret options and statistics for your handset.

Scroll down to the "Network Mode" selection and enter.

Automatic is the first selection in that menu. This is what are phones are set to by default. This allows the LG Thrive to switch between whatever it thinks is the best wireless network to use. Unfortunately, I can barely talk to people when I have 1 bar of signal in my house, and very often the phone won’t switch over to 2g when 3g signal is very weak. 2g also saves A LOT on battery power.

If you want to choose the wireless mode your phone, scroll down to the bottom of that menu and you will find the following options: LG Phone Problem and Solution

  • If you choose WCDMA Only, you will connect to the 3G network
  • If you choose GSM Only, you will connect to the 2G/EDGE network


I hope this is helpful to somebody other than just me.

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