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I have seen numerous complaints online about a supposed lack of copy and paste in the LG enV Touch. I don’t understand why this basic method is not covered in the Verizon LG enV Touch manual, but it IS possible to copy and paste text with the LG enV Touch. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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There are some exceptions to this. You can’t copy and paste in any textfield anytime you want. You can’t copy and paste static text, like text on a web page. You can’t copy and paste text from MS Word or PDF documents in the Document Reader. LG-enV touch info

The text has to be something that is editable, like a data entry field or a text message or email. But you could, for example, copy from a received text message by replying to it, and then copying the text you want, and then cancelling the reply and pasting the text wherever you want. You can also copy and paste text from the Tools / Notepad program, from browser addresses, and actually, anything you can bring up the dynamic text editor for (this is the editor that has text on a yellow background) or the Notepad utility itself. There are two slightly different looking versions on the touch screen and on the inside screen. So really, it can be quite flexible. Here is a step-by-step simple example of the process using the Notepad and the touch screen.

Go to Main Menu / Settings & Tools / Tools / Notepad

Press the "New" button.

Use the touch screen keypad to type in some text.

touch the location in the text where you want to begin copying from. Make sure the cursor has moved to the correct location, sometimes it takes a few tries.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, right below the battery icon, is an icon which is a rectangular white box with three blue lines on it inside of a dark blue box. You will see this icon throughout the Touch menu system, and it is the dropdown menu icon. The list on it is different depending on what menu selection you are in. Sometimes, when a menu has many items, you will need to use the Env’s scroll feature to scroll down to the menu item you want.

Select the dropdown menu icon, and a menu will drop down with two or more selections, including "Copy Text" and "Cancel". Select the "Copy Text" menu item.

A message is displayed in the middle of the screen which says "Press down and drag on the text you wish to copy". Follow this direction to select text for copying.

Press the dropdown menu item again. From it’s options, select "Copy". This will copy the text into the LG enV Touch’s internal clipboard memory.

On the edit screen, move the cursor to another location that you wish to paste the just-copied text to by pressing the touch screen in that spot.

From the dropdown menu list, select the option "Paste" that should now appear.
If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will now see your text pasted into the edit screen.

The process with the internal screen is similar, but you use the menu buttons, arrow keys, OK button, etc. instead of selecting by touch.

That is how to copy and paste text with the LG Env Touch! I hope this tutorial helps some people with their messaging and text editing!

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