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How to cook LG eXpo roms using Spocky’s Kitchen?

Credit: Dark

1. Download the kitchen and unzip it. http://www.mediafire.com/?ztmmzt1v3dt

2. Download the LG eXpo / IQ base rom and place it in the folder BaseRom\GW820 (the file will have a dz extension) LG-eXpo info

3. Launch Start.bat and enter 7 and press enter. This will allow the kitchen to know you are building a rom for the for the LG eXpo / IQ.

4. Press a then enter. This will extract the files you need to build a rom from the .dz file. There is an additional step for IQ owners. Download this ADD-ON FILE and place it in Baserom\GW820. Without it you won’t be able to repack the rom into a dz file. If you are using an Add-on package you already have this file in the Baserom\GW820 folder.

5. Press b then enter. This will extract the files from the flash.bin file. It will also create a xip.bin file in TOOLS\XIPPORT. If you are not porting a new build don’t worry about the xip.bin file. If you are porting a new build we will get to that soon.

6. Press c then enter. This will extract the sys files and the oem files into the temp\dump folder.

7. Now you are going to arrange your files that are in temp\dump into two separate folders OEM\GW820 and SYS\YourBuildVersion (eg. SYS\23563). Here is what you will put in each folder:

a. You will need a xip.bin that matches your build. It should come with the build files you downloaded.

b. Go to tools\xipport and rename the xip.bin that is in the folder. (eg. xip.GW820.bin) You will need this file later.

c. Copy the xip.bin file you downloaded to tools\xipport. (Make sure it is named xip.bin)

d. On the start.bat windows press j and enter to launch xipport.

e. Click dump xip.bin

f. Click “make pkgs”.

g. Now, you’ve got a “out” folder with files and modules separated in different subfolders. Rename the out folder into something else. (eg. OUT.235xx).

h. Delete the downloaded xip.bin (or rename it if you want to save it) and rename the original xip.bin back to xip.bin.

i. Repeat steps 8d-8f.

j. Now, you’ve got a out folder with files and modules separated in different subfolders from LG eXpo / IQ base ROM.

k. Now replace modules\msxipkernel and files\msxipkernel with the ones from the newer xip. (folder OUT.235xx)

l. Click “undo” to flatten out folder again.

m. Bring up the start.bat windows agin. Press k and enter. When a message tells you so, click “reallocp”, “write maps”, “build xip_out.bin (ignore error messages in reallocp part). And finally, hit a key on the dos prompt to finish this step (DO NOT HIT A KEY BEFORE BUILDING XIP WITH XIPPORT ELSE IT WON’T WORK).

n. Bring up the start.bat windows and press “l” and enter to use the new xip in the kitchen (xip_out.bin).

o. In the start.bat window press 9 and enter to go back to the normal options. (Now you have everything you need to port. Proceed to step 9)

9. Bring up the start.bat windows and press d and enter. This will dump your xip.bin file.
10. Go to the ROM\GW820 folder. You will see a XIP folder. Go into that folder and then go into the WinCENLS_WWE folder and copy the wince.nls. Now go into the OEMXIPKERNEL and paste wince.nls in there. After that copy the OEMXIPKERNEL folder. Next create a folder in ROM\GW820 and name it your build # (eg. 23563). Now paste OEMXIPKERNEL into that folder. After that copy MSXIPKernel from ROM\GW820\XIP. Go to ROM\SHARED and create a folder and name it your build # (eg. 23008). Paste MSXIPKernel into that folder. It is important both folders are named the same.

*Note for those that are porting: If you are porting a new build you need to go to TOOLS\XIPPORT\OUT.235xx\FILE\MSXIPKernel and copy 723fb954-d931-4348-b672-82a188e587b5.dsm After that paste the file in ROM\SHARED\YourBuildNumber\MSXIPKernel. This will allow the correct build number to show in the about screen on your device

11. Bring up the start.bat window again. Press e and enter to launch the ervius visual platformrebuilder. (Note: If building with vista or windows 7 you will need to right click on erviuskitchen, select properties,choose the compatibility tab, check Run this program as an administrator, and click ok). Once it is launched you will need to set a few options on the top bar of the kitchen. First select the GW820 as your device. Then select your rom res. Choose dpi_192_resh_480_resv_800. After that select your XIP and SYS Builds. Finally you can select to leave out certain SYS files from your rom, but do be warned that leaving out some SYS files can result in a rom that won’t boot. Once you have made all your selections click create rom. The kitchen will now build your rom. When it is done it will launch a flashing program just exit it and the visual kitchen. Go back to the start.bat prompt.

12. Press f and enter. This will build the new imgfs.bin.

13. Press g and enter. This will build the new flash.bin.

14. Press h and enter. Then enter a name for your new rom (no spaces) and press enter. It will then create a new dz file for you. You can find it in BuiltRom\GW820. It will be called rom.dz. This is the file you will use to flash your phone.

Your rom is now built. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you guys cook up.

LG eXpo Add-on Package:
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