How to Connect LG Voyager to Mac with bluetooth?

This is a guide on how to connect you LG Voyager to your MAC with bluetooth and you can send files from the LG Voyager to the Mac and from the Mac to the LG Voyager.
Enable Bluetooth on your LG Voyager, Power on Bluetooth, make it discoverable.

On the Mac, Click the Bluetooth icon on the Menu bar, Then select Setup a Bluetooth Device from the dropdown menu.  LG Phone Problem and Solution










Follow the steps to Pairing the Device. Once connected, you can then choose from Mac’s Bluetooth Drop down menu Select Browse Device. LG-Voyager info










Then Select the device "LG VX10000" and select "Browse"



On the Mac you will see this window.















At this time, Look on your Voyager, a message will ask "Bluetooth Authorization Request by Mac Name. Accept?" Just Select YES. Once connected, the Screen on your Mac Will appear as such.















You can Now browse the device using "Get" and "Send" to move the files. 

Hope this helps! Enjoy!

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