How to Change / Update PRL on LG Marquee LS855

Hi, some people requested me to do a guide of how to update MANUALLY your PRL in the LG Marquee LS855. here it is.

Caution: USE THIS GUIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK, Iā€™m not responsible for your phone loosing reception, ending world hunger, finding the cure for AIDS, or your supervisor giving you a raise after updating your PRL.

How to Change / Update PRL on LG Marquee LS855 Steps:

  1. Get your MSL code, which works as an unlock code. The easiest method (which reminds me the old days of palm app):
  2. Install all three LG driver packages. Go here: LG LGLS855 Support: Find Manuals & Warranty Info | LG USA
  3. Get Sprint PRL here:
  4. Use DFS to load PRL to your phone

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