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Hello everyone, this is a guide on how to change your PRL on LG Optimus Elite. I did not make this guide and I take no credit, I simply edited it and reposted it here for the LG Optimus Elite.

For anyone who does not know what a PRL swap is or does, it tells your phone what towers to use. It should increase your signal a bit, especially if you roam much.


Step 1 – Getting your MSL

Ok on your android lets go to google play store and download any wifi tethering app and run it. This will mess your phone up making an error code 67 keep popping up, to fix this we need to call Virgin Mobile 1-888-322-1122. Tell them you downloaded a wifi tethering app and you keep getting an error code 67, They will have to give you your MSL code to factory data reset your phone, make sure you write it down.

Step 2 – Download USB driver

LG LS696 Support: Find Manuals & Warranty Info | LG USA

Download driver, then install, then restart your computer. I’ll wait…..

Step 3 – Download a PRL

Here is a list of a few you can try, I do not know which would work best for you, you can also Google PRL for sprint downloads
https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=eabe29f3770d8d15&ppud=4&wa=wsignin1.0&sa=6367 85150&id=EABE29F3770D8D15!678

Unzip the files and save somewhere you can remember.

Step 4 – Check your Com Port

Connect your LG Optimus Elite to your computer using a USB cable.

Open Device Manager.

Ports > LGE Android Platform USB Serial Port > Properties > Port Settings > Advanced > COM port number

Make a note of your COM port number.

Step 5 – Download and Install QPST 2.7 Build 366


Step 6 – Flash the PRL you downloaded

Open "QPST Configuration".

In the "Ports" tab, if your com port isn’t listed, select "Add New Port" and write in your com port as "COM#" (# being the number you noted in step 4). Verify that your com port is listed.

Make sure your phone appears in the the "Active Phones" tab.

Click "Start Clients." Choose "SERVICE PROGRAMMING." Select your phone.

Click "Read from Phone."

Enter your MSL code when promoted. (It will not finish reading from your phone. It will stop near the end and report an error. This is normal.)

Hit "Save to File" to backup your phone’s settings and PRL to a .qcn file. (Optional but recommended)

Select the "Roaming" tab.

Under "Preferred Roaming Enable" choose "Browse…" and select the PRL you downloaded earlier.

Under the "System" tab change "Roam Preference" to "Home only". (Optional but recommended)

Click "Write to Phone," and your phone should immediately reboot. Do not disconnect your phone until it has booted back up.

You should have successfully changed your PRL, please let me know which ones worked best for you and what area your in.

Like I said before, I did not make the guide, I simply edited it, thanks for everyone who took the time to make these guides and gave us the tools.

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