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What you need before Changing message tone on your LG Vu?

Caution: Always backup your LG Vu phone first! LG Phone Problem and Solution

Change message tone on your LG Vu Steps:

  1. Connect to your phone using EFS, from the main directory, open up the LGAPP folder: LG-Vu info
  2. Open up the Media folder:
  3. Open up the Midis folder:
  4. Both Instant Messaging and Messages tones are modded similarly, so open up the MsgTone folder:
  5. Rename your new sound tones to the ones you are replacing as below:
  6. Once ready, delete the ones you intend to replace off the phone:
  7. Drag and drop the new tones into the window:
  8. That is all, now go ahead and disconnect EFS and then reboot your phone to get your signal back:

Souce: http://www.lg-vu.com/index.php?topic=4877.0

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