How to Change cust_theme on LG Pop

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How to Change cust_theme on LG Pop Steps:

1. It is necessary to download a wearing file in a format *.kdz  and to transfer it on a disk C:\  and rename him (ex, V10F.kdz). LG Phone Problem and Solution
2. Run programm lg_utils_0.4.2  LG-Pop info

3. Write  I, and press ENTER 

4. Specify a wearing file path (C:\V10F.kdz), press ENTER

5. On disc ? appear

6. Open and unrar to disc C (C:\)

7. On disc ? appear some files (V10F.wdb, Inf_WebDnld.dll, mergeResult.txt, name.txt and folder Dll)

8. In programm lg_utils_0.4.2 enter H and press ENTER

9. Write C:\Inf_WebDnld.dll  and press ENTER

10. Write C:\V10F.wdb  and press ENTER

11. Enter V10F_00 and press ENTER

12. Wait? On disc ? appear 5 files…

13. File GD510AT-00-V10f-EUR-XX-MAR-23-2010+0_CUST.dfat rename to CUST_THEME.dfat
File GD510AT-00-V10f-EUR-XX-MAR-23-2010+0_psi_paging.flb rename to GD510.flb

14. In lg_utils_0.4.2 enter G and press ENTER

15. Write C:\CUST_THEME.dfat and press ENTER

16. Write C:\CUST_THEME and press ENTER

17. Wait? On disc ? appear file CUST_THEME…

18. Close lg_utils_0.4.2. File IFWD_DownloadDll.dll  copy to folder lg_utils_0.4.2 and to LGUI\ extensions (It is necessary).
19. Run WinImage  and open CUST_THEME

That’s all Smiley
20. How to upload CUST_THEME… Run lg_utils_0.4.2…
Write C, and press ENTER

21. Write \\.\USB1 and press ENTER

22. Write C:\GD510.flb and press ENTER

23. Specify path to the modifyed file CUST_THEME: C:\CUST_THEME
!!! Stop.
It is preliminary necessary to remove the battery, a sim card and a memory map, further it is necessary to insert a cable into LG Pop phone and to press ENTER, and to press so that a sound of connection of the usb-device (i.e. phone) approximately coincided with pressing ENTER. It can not turn out from the first…
Attention! Further operations are made on your fear and risk!

If all has turned out, should there will be lines:
Send of the sec-pack…
Further program will upload CUST_THEME to phone… Will pass approximately 6-8 minutes, after the termination the program will produce an error, it is possible not to pay attention then it is possible to pull out LG Pop phone to it, and to use the LG Pop phone… Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “How to Change cust_theme on LG Pop”

  1. tell me the websites which have lg gd 510 mobile themes&
    how to install those themes
    i download the themes having .swf files
    plz tell me how to install them

  2. how much time ned to wait………

    File GD510AT-00-V10f-EUR-XX-MAR-23-2010 rename to CUST_THEME.dfat _CUST.dfat +0
    File GD510AT-00-V10f-EUR-XX-MAR-23-2010+0_psi_paging.flb rename to GD510.flb File GD510AT-00-V10f-EUR-XX-MAR-23-2010 rename to GD510.flb _psi_paging.flb +0 not appering on disk

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