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Hi guys.Here’s a little something I come up with.As we all know,the LG Viewty is capable to read/write in hdsd card.The drawback though,is that we have to fill the card with at least 2gs of data,correct?Well,not anymore!I have found a way to "trick" the card size calculator. LG Cell Phone Software

Credit: nemesis69

Here’s how to bypass 2bg limitation on LG Viewty

1) Download HugeSmallFile from here:Download Huge Small File 1.0 – Create fake huge files on a NTFS disk. (Don`t worry about the NTFS stuff,it works with FAT too). It doesn’t need installation,just unzip and run it. LG-Viewty info

2) Create a folder in your card named e.g "Dummy",you`ll need it to put the fake files you’ll create.

3) Run the program,name the file you want to create like e.g "my fake file".The program can create fake files at 4gbs max,so make as many as you need,according with the capacity of your card.Once the fakes created,check their attributes.You’ll see that the file size will be e.g 3,99 gb,BUT their size on the disk,is no more than 4 kb.So,what you need now,is simply transfer those fake files to your "Dummy" folder you’ve created in step 2. After that,check the piechart on your phone.You feed the phone with let`s say 2 files of 4 kb each,BUT the phone has been tricked.To be sure of that,try to take a photo.If you`ve tried it before that trick,most probably end up with the message:"External memory full,rolling back to internal",right?Well…not anymore.

That’s it guys,I hope I’ve been helpful.By the way, I’ve tried this trick myself,with an 8gb hdsd,and works like a charm,so I find no reason why this not work with even larger capacities.BUT,remember always make fake files that leave at least 2gb space on your card!The actual space IS accessible, it`s just the phone that is tricked.

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Livaluck on 20 June, 2010 at 10:29 am #

Very interesting,but hey i dnt trust it. I fear it myt f up my phone. But stil i will try it&wil post the feedback. Hope it really works

Manel on 30 September, 2010 at 11:11 pm #

Doesn’t work

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