How to Brand LG Optimus 7 to AT&T

Here is a good tutorial to tell you how to turn the LG Optimus 7 E900 VodaPhone UK version into an AT&T version. I’m now getting the sweet "H" in the top. It also is downloading at 4 mbps via on the phone now! Verified via LG Windows Phone 7

To turn the LG Optimus 7 into an AT&T Phone: LG Phone Problem and Solution

  1. Once in the MFG Menu. (If you don’t know the MFG application, please click here)
  2. Click 7 for Engineer Settings.
  3. Then click 6 for Other Settings.
  4. Select Set Network Profiles.

Find "_PROV_ATT_US_310_410.xml"

Select that one. Back out of the menus and reboot the LG Optimus 7. It will now even say ATT in the marketplace. LG-Optimus info

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